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Time to ditch those job titles?

What use are job titles?   Really, how useful are they?  And job profiles or descriptions?   I spent 20 years in corporate life and never once looked at my job description (if I had one).   And job titles are so dull and clinical.   They tell you nothing about the person, just the allocated functional responsibility they have.   At management levels it gets worse.  It’s all about personal status, not business outcome.    How different would things be if job titles and profiles reflected what we wanted managers to do and be like rather than what they are responsible for?   So here are ten new people attributes I’d like to see in every manager’s profile.  It’ll get ‘em thinking, that’s for sure …

  1. Meaning Maker
  2. Storyteller
  3. Talent Spotter
  4. Innovation Seeker
  5. Idea Farmer
  6. Alchemist
  7. Motivator
  8. Purpose Giver
  9. Fun Facilitator
  10. Creative Coach