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“Exciting” … Oh, come off it!

I’m a wordsmith by trade, so I have a tendency to sprinkle more than my fair share of adjectives and expressive language into the communications I write.   Expression, even over-expression, is part of human communication.   Just watch two Italians having a conversation.   We exaggerate heavily to emphasise a point, we use carefully chosen adjectives to add colour to our sentences and we intensify words with italics, capitals, underlines and bold fonts to get the message across loud and clear.    In electronic and SMS communications, we love to use emoticons to leave our reader in no doubt of our meaning or mood.    As communicators in business, we’re probably all guilty of excessive hyperbole at times, but that’s fine.   It beats that bland corporate text book style you see in some organisations.    But I do object to the over-use of the word ‘exciting’.   I saw a communication from a bloke the other day who wrote, following his recent appointment, how “tremendously excited” he was to be joining the legacy software decommissioning project.   Oh come on.  I’m all for exaggeration, but let’s keep it real.    I do feel the word ‘exciting’ is becoming part of the leader’s lexicon of yawn-inducing jargon – “exciting strategy”, “exciting opportunities”, “exciting roles” etc.    What does that mean exactly?   If you genuinely are excited, show me, don’t tell me.   Then I might engage.