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How many internal communicators does it take to change a light bulb?

Apologies to my fellow professionals, but I’m feeling a bit cheeky …

– Four to draw up the strategy (and remain firmly at strategic level throughout)

– Two to do the stakeholder mapping

– One to put the change into the wider context of improved enterprise illumination

– One to define the impact of the change

– One to define the future vision of enlightenment

– Six to be ‘kept in the loop’ for no apparent reason

– One to brief senior leaders

– One to rebrief the senior leaders who couldn’t be bothered to turn up the first time

– One to craft the message

– A committee of 28 to review, edit and approve the message

– One to research bulb-changing good practice

– Two to devise the channel framework

– One to create the PowerPoint deck

– Three to comment on the font

– One to search Google Images for a suitable graphic

– Four to train the middle managers on managing change

– Two to organise the cascade

– One to remember that cascades never work

– One to ‘just do publishing’

– Two to develop a convoluted measurement process that won’t reveal anything

– One to check the distribution lists

– One to prepare the awards entry

– Two to obsess about ROI

– None to actually sit on the project team