Let’s see some ‘creative acumen’

It’s great to see the futurist Anne-Lise Kjaer named as the keynote speaker at this year’s Melcrum Summit in October.    I’ve never heard Anne-Lise speak, but from what I can see she champions the ‘whole brain’ approach to developing a healthy and productive workplace, in which we learn to utilise both our analytical left and creative right brain to get the best out of our leaders and colleagues.    Of course, I don’t claim to be in Anne-Lise’s league by any means but this is the very theme that lies behind this blog – urging greater right-brained thinking to enable us and our leaders to become better communicators.   To me, the next-gen skills for communicators will be things like creative storytelling, empathy, novelty, meaning and play.    We dabble in all of these at the moment, but they aren’t yet core attributes.  And we’re not nearly as creative as we could (and should) be.   I think communications professionals should be the most creative people in the organisation, constantly pushing the boundaries and encouraging creativity in others.    We often see ‘business acumen’ on the list of desired skills for comms people (quite right too) but I’d like to see ‘creative acumen’ on there too.   This isn’t just about being creative communications professionals ourselves, it’s also about identifying and exploiting opportunities for creativity in the workplace, particularly in terms of leadership and culture.    It’s a skill, and it requires a different kind of thinking.   I’m sure Anne-Lise’s talk will be an eye-opening insight for us communicators, so well done Melcrum for such an inspired booking!   I just hope the audience doesn’t just see it as a novel and entertaining side issue before the ‘real action’ about (yawn) intranets and measurement.

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