Let’s reclaim creativity from the ‘creatives’

I’m always frustrated, but not surprised, when people claim to be “not the creative type”.   Often the reason is because of their definition of creativity.    They think it’s about art, music, writing, movies … the so-called ‘creative arts’.   We instantly associate creativity with people like Mozart, Michelangelo, Wordsworth, Hitchcock and we celebrate the work of designers, authors and actors as if they’ve been sprinkled with some rare form of magic creative dust that isn’t available to the rest of us.   These people are good at what they do, and what they do requires a high degree of creativity, but that doesn’t mean they are more creative than you or I.    The dictionary definition of creativity is “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”, but that ‘something’ might just as easily be an insurance underwriting business process than a watercolour.   If the creator is using their imagination or coming up with ideas to make or improve something, that’s creativity.   An office cleaner can be creative by coming up with an idea to recycle bin bags or change the shift system.   A line manager can be creative in the way he motivates his staff and facilitates discussion.   Creativity exists in all of us, and we use our creativity every day – in how we cook, socialise, dance, shop for clothes, plan our holidays etc.    So let’s get past this idea that creativity is only for artists and poets.   Creativity is about ideas, expression, improvisation, empathy, perspective, playfulness, confidence, boldness.    You’re just as likely to find those in an office than a gallery.

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